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What is ChangeYourFlight's goal?

We aim at taking the airline industry a step further by saving plane tickets from not being used.

Is ChangeYourFlight an independent company?

Yes! ChangeYourFlight is a 3rd party service that works independently collaborating with partner airlines. In other words, we are not part of any airline, but we work closely with the innovative ones to offer users a new service for free.

When I know I won't be using my airplane ticket, what can I do?

It depends, on the airline & the fare you bought. Usually, you have the following two options:

  • Option 1: rebooking (change of date, route or name) upon payment of applicable fee, unless you have a special flexible fare;
  • Option 2: claiming a refund, if you took out an insurance and you meet its terms and conditions.

If none of the above options is convenient or suitable for you, you now have an alternative solution:
  • Option 3: ChangeYourFlight!

What is is the first online platform that allows you to make requests for partial refunds of plane tickets you know you are not going to use.
It's free of charge and available to all passengers, regardless of the reason for your cancellation.
If you change your mind, we can change your flight!

Is ChangeYourFlight available with every airline?

We're working on it! So far, we have partnered with the most innovative airlines, although we plan on serving many more with time. You can prompt the airlines you would like us to work with in Our partners. This way you will also get notified when we’re operating with the airlines you select. Get your friends to support your choice by sharing it on social networks!

How does ChangeYourFlight work?

It's a simple 3-step process:

1. Enter your booking details exactly as you find them in the booking confirmation you received from the airline (pay attention to spelling, capital letters, spaces & accents).
2. Choose the flight you will not be using, view the suggestions and set your amount
3. Confirm, and we will pass your request on to your airline, aggregating it with many other requests and interacting automatically with the airline's booking system.
You'll receive a request status confirmation and, if your request is accepted, a voucher!

Remember that you can cancel or modify your request at any time with a simple click (before it gets approved), accessing My Requests.

You can also have a look at our Video Tutorials.

What if the booking is for more than one person?

With bookings for multiple passengers you have 3 options:

  • Process the entire booking, thus asking for a refund for all flights for all passengers. If successful, the entire booking will be cancelled for all passengers, the total amount will be evenly split among all passengers and each passenger will get a unique voucher in his or her name;
  • Process by flight, thus making a request for the same single leg (outbound or inbound) for all passengers. If successful, the selected flight will be cancelled for all passengers, the total amount will be evenly split among all passengers and each passenger will get a unique voucher in his or her name;
  • Process by passenger, thus requesting a refund for all flights of one passenger or more. If successful, the selected passengers will be removed from the initial booking, the total amount will be evenly split among these passengers and each of them will get a unique voucher in his or her name.

To submit your request you’ll have to enter the name of the first passenger listed in your multipassenger booking confirmation. Then choose the type of refund you want and proceed.

What are the basic conditions I need to know?

You can use with our partner airlines and the conditions vary from case to case. Have a look at the basic conditions for more info.

Are there restrictions to the service I should be aware of?

Yes, some bookings (i.e. promotional code, codeshare) have some restrictions depending on your airline. If that's your case you'll be notified upon making a request. Have a look at the basic conditions for more info.

How much does the service cost?

Nothing! It's completely free for the end-user.

So, how do you make money?

We share the profits generated by selling additional seats with the airlines.

Will my Request always get accepted?

There is no guarantee that your request will be accepted.
The platform automatically creates optimal refund suggestions that are designed to help you make reasonable requests.
Every request is considered against many factors (destination, time until departure etc.) however we cannot guarantee that a refund request will be accepted.

How long will the Refund Request process take?

Airline approval depends on a set of factors, ones that we can't control, such as: time until departure, flight occupancy, selling price, etc... This is why your waiting time may vary. The automated suggestions provided will give you an estimated notice time for each request amount.

What's the best way to contact CYF?

To get in touch with us please go to our Contact us page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Where do I find the booking details?

You can find the details in the booking confirmation or itinerary summary that the airline or travel agency sent you right after making your reservation.

What if I bought my ticket in a travel agency?

No problem! The only difference is that ChangeYourFlight can't identify the agency fees you were charged. Therefore, the ticket price indicated may slightly differ in relation to the total amount paid. Be aware there might be some restrictions in function of your booking. For further details see section Service Basics.

What if I didn't buy my ticket myself? What information do I need to provide when requesting a refund?

As long as you have the following booking details at hand, you can always make a request:

  • Booking code (sometimes also called PNR)
  • Name and surname of the passenger (remember that the voucher is nominal)
  • Contact email address (to notify all relevant parties)

I bought my flight using a voucher, can I get a refund anyway?

Not at this stage unfortunately. We hope to include this option soon.

What happens to my ticket after I request a Refund?

When a request gets accepted, your airline is free to resell the initial ticket, which means it will automatically be annulled and invalid. Until then, the ticket remains fully in your normal ownership.

How much can I get?

The full booking price consists of the ticket's fare, taxes and other charges. Only the fare and the taxes are refundable. For more information, have a look at this video explanation.

How much should I request? Can I request any amount I like?

It's always up to you, but some requests are more probable than others.
The more you request, the less likely it is to be approved. You will be given automated amount suggestions to assist you and guide you on every request you make. These suggestions automatically estimate the probability of your request being accepted and the expected time of notice for the decision.
This way you can make a well-informed personal choice by picking a suggestion you like or simply set up your own amount.
For more information, have a look at this video explanation.

How do I get my Request to be accepted?

It depends on how appealing your request is to the airline. The earlier you place your request and the lower the request amount, the greater the chances of receiving a refund.

What are the refund suggestions based on?

ChangeYourFlight has an automated system that evaluates a range of factors (the itinerary, the current market price, the time left until departure and the refund amount requested) and mathematically generates the refund suggestions in real time.

What is probability?

Probability indicates the likelihood of your request being accepted and it depends on a series of factors: itinerary, current market price, time left until departure and requested amount.

Is there a 100% guaranteed refund amount?

No option is 100% guaranteed. However, the sooner you request a refund and the lower the amount, the more likely it may be accepted.

What does notice time mean exactly?

Notice time is the time by which your request should be authorized. If your request has not been accepted within this period, it is unlikely that it will be accepted later on.

What happens when I confirm my Refund Request?

Once you confirm to place a request, you'll receive a confirmation email.
From then on, ChangeYourFlight aggregates your request with many others and works non-stop to help you obtain your refund from the airline.

Don't forget that you can modify or cancel your request at any time (before it gets approved) by going to My Requests.

How do I know if my request has been accepted?

You'll receive an e-mail with the status of your request. You can also access it anytime in My Requests.

How long does it take to receive the Request approval?

As soon as we have the outcome of your request, ChangeYourFlight will send you an email. You should be notified within the notice time for approval indicated in your Request details.

I still haven't received my Refund Request approval. What do I do?

Go to My Requests and check the status. If it has been approved or denied and you haven't received an email from ChangeYourFlight, please check your Spam and/or Contact us.

How can I modify or cancel my refund Request?

You can modify or cancel your refund Request anytime in My Requests.

What can I do if my refund request is not approved?

You can submit a new request and choose a different refund option with higher probability.

What if I cancel my refund Request before getting the voucher?

Your initial ticket is still valid and you can fly. A safe process has been established in order to ensure that the airline doesn't cancel your ticket until your request has been accepted and you have been properly informed.

What conditions apply to the voucher?

Voucher conditions vary from airline to airline. Have a look at the basic conditions for your specific voucher.

Is it valid with any airline?

Each voucher is only valid with the respective airline from which you received it.

From when is the voucher valid?

From the same day ChangeYourFlight sends you the voucher code via email.

For how long is the voucher valid?

Voucher conditions vary from airline to airline. Have a look at the basic conditions for your specific voucher.

If the airline doesn't accept my Request can I keep flying?

Sure! If your request is not accepted, your initial booking is still valid.

Can I accumulate multiple vouchers?

Every airline has its own specific vouchers and they can't be accumulated.

Why don't you give refunds in cash?

We're working on it. That may be a possibility in the future, but not at the moment.

How and where can I use the voucher code?

You can use it on your airline's website. Normally you can enter the voucher code where it says "voucher code" & your total payment will be reduced accordingly. However the exact process may slightly vary from an airline to another. Refer to your airline's website for more info.

Can I return the voucher and recuperate my original ticket?

No. Once the airline has accepted your request there is no going back.

What happens if there's a natural disaster or an unforeseen event that causes my flight to be cancelled?

ChangeYourFlight isn't specifically designed to deal with these situations, as they are usually solved by the airlines themselves.
Please consult directly with your airline.

What happens if my Refund Request is accepted and then my flight gets cancelled or rescheduled?

Once your request is accepted your booking is automatically cancelled. Thus, any further occurrences (such as flight cancellation or flight rescheduling) do not affect you in any way.

Which information do I have to provide? Are my booking details the only pieces of information I have to provide?

Yes, your booking details are the very minimum we need to identify the passenger and the itinerary: name, surname and booking code. No registration is required. No need to specify the reason why you wish to cancel your booking. No bank or credit card information is needed.

When uploading my flight details is my privacy guaranteed?

All information provided by and personally related to the passenger is securely gathered. That information is never shared with third parties and is never to be used for any spam.

Do I have to give the same email as the one I used when buying the ticket? What will you use my email for?

You can only use the contact email of the original booking. It is required for us to send you information regarding your request.

What happens if I didn't receive my confirmation email?

There must have been an error. Check your spam inbox and/or Contact us.

I get e-mails from CYF that I don't want. How can I unsubscribe?

In every promotional email from ChangeYourFlight there is an Unsubscribe link. You can also send us an email to

What happens if I try to catch my flight after getting a voucher with you?

When you get the Refund approval email, your original booking is cancelled and is no longer valid for travel anymore. You would be denied boarding.

I can’t access your service. What should I do?

Make sure that:

  • you have inserted your booking details correctly;
  • your booking wasn’t made using a voucher.

Can I make a refund request via e-mail?

No. All refund requests have to be submitted on

Can I change the date of my flight or the name on my booking?

No, ChangeYourFlight allows you to obtain a partial refund on a plane ticket you know you will not use. For other services please contact your airline directly.

Can I ask for a refund even if I’ve already checked-in online?

Yes, as long as you submit your request within the specified time limit.

I've got a return ticket, can I ask for a refund for only one way?

Yes, you can make a request for either flights or both.

Can I ask for a refund on the ticket of a minor?

Yes, children’s bookings can be processed on ChangeYourFlight. However, vouchers can only be issued to adults. You will be asked to indicate which adult from the booking will get the voucher.

The system blocks. What should I do?

  • make sure you accepted the terms and conditions;
  • try with a different browser.

Can I choose who receives the voucher?

No, a voucher is always issued in the name of the passenger that will not use the initial ticket.

Can I cancel the voucher or get the voucher amount in cash?

The vouchers are non-refundable and can’t be paid out in cash.

Can I change the passenger name on my voucher?

The vouchers are nominative and can't be passed on to others.

Can I extend the voucher validity period?

You can't extend the period. Remember the voucher is valid for making a new booking during the given validity period. You can fly after the expiration date.

Using the voucher, does my new flight have to be within the voucher validity period?

No. The voucher is valid for making a new booking during the given validity period. You can fly after the voucher expiration date.

We got a refund for a multipassenger booking and we’d like to fly together again. Can we use all the vouchers at once?

You can use one voucher per reservation only. Unfortunately that means that each voucher holder needs to book separately, making one booking per voucher holder.

I can't use the voucher. What should I do?

  • make sure you inserted the voucher code in the right space;
  • write the name of the passenger name exactly as it appears on the voucher;
  • only use one voucher per reservation.

I made a new booking using my voucher, but no discount was applied. What should I do?

It's likely the payment wasn't registered correctly. Please contact your airline directly.

I have a question you haven't answered here, what do I do?

Please send us an email to

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