Terms of Service

This is a legally binding contract between you and ChangeYourFlight. Please make sure you read it, because it is important. We've tried to make it as clear as possible, but we welcome your feedback. Simply email us to if you have suggestions or questions.

1. Key Terms

We're going to use some shorthand to make this easier to read:

  • When we say "Site" or "Service" we mean and the service offered through that site.
  • When we say "CYF" , "We" , "Us" or "Our" we mean ChangeYourFlight S.L.
  • "User" or "You" means the holder of a Booking with an airline, passenger or not, who uses the services offered by CYF or intends to.
  • "Airline" means the airline companies in agreement with CYF and with which you have a booking.
  • When we say "Booking" we mean the acquired right for one or several persons to travel with an airline from a specific origin, to a set destination at a certain date and time.
  • By "Refund" we mean any reward you obtain through the service in exchange for the cancellation of a booking.
  • By "Request" we mean the Refund request you can place on the site in order for you to get a voucher of at least the value you asked for.
  • By "Voucher" we mean the alphanumeric code representing a specific economic amount, which may be issued by an airline in exchange of a booking cancellation.

2. Accepting these terms

Please read these terms before using the site. They are meant to set the conditions for CYF, on the users behalf, to manage the cancellation of a booking in exchange of a refund in the form of a voucher. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not want to use the site's service.

3. Use of Service

To access the service you have to provide the Identification Details provided by the Airline to manage your booking. Your Identification Details are strictly personal and confidential. As a User, you are responsible for the confidentiality of you Identification Details. Consequently you accept that CYF presumes that any use of the service involving the Identification Details is made by you, and therefore under your sole responsibility.

Children's bookings can be processed on ChangeYourFlight, however vouchers can only be issued to adults.

CYF may block any User from accessing and using the site when it is deemed necessary for security reasons (i.e. the site is automatically blocked in the event that repeated mistakes are made in the identification process). CYF takes the necessary organizational and technical measures in order to ensure an adequate use of the Service and avoid unauthorized log-ins.

Access to information stored in the Airline's systems referring to Bookings is to be carried out by means of WebServices, which grants a sufficient security level to every exchange of information.

4. Form of contract

Refund Request Conditions

Once you have entered your Identification and Booking details, CYF shows a breakdown of the Booking price and the total refundable price. CYF groups the elements that make up for the booking price in three categories:
  • (i) Fare
  • (ii) Taxes
  • (iii) Other Expenses

Only categories (i) and (ii) can be refunded. The amount from category (iii) can never be refunded. You can make a refund request for the amount you'd like to recover, although this amount cannot exceed the total refundable price. The final refund value can be higher than the amount requested.

Once the refund request is set, you will be asked to accept these Terms of Service.

You may consult the status of a request at all times on the site. In the event that the request isn't accepted, the initial Booking remains valid. Nothing prevents you to then make a new request of another value.

CYF informs via e-mail address if the request is successful or not. Once a request is accepted, CYF sends an email with the obtained Voucher.

The Voucher may be used with the respective Airline to obtain a discount when making a new Booking, in accordance with the voucher conditions of the Airline. Each airline has different conditions on how you can use of a voucher. For information on each airline's voucher conditions please refer to the basic conditions.

Processing of your personal data

Only when a Refund Request process is completed and these terms and conditions are accepted, does CYF collect your personal User data to its personal data files. The information is processed exclusively for the consultation and calculation of data concerning your Booking, which must be managed in line with the Agreements reached with the Airlines.

CYF guarantees the security of your personal data in accordance with the requirements established by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, which approves Regulation for the development of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, for the protection of personal data.

Your Identification details are never to be shared with any third parties, except as necessary to provide the services offered, to monitor usage, and to improve the service. For example, we may store your personal information along with your files and data on a third party server such as Amazon Web Services. We also use your personal information to send you notifications about the service and to respond to customer support requests. We will never share your personal information with advertisers or unrelated services.

5. Cancellation of the Request

The cancellation of your refund request isn't possible once your booking has been processed and the request approved. For information on each airline's conditions please refer to the FAQ section: Cancelling a request.

6. User's Rights & Responsibilities

a. You have the right to:

  • Use the site at no cost to request partial refunds on tickets issued by Airlines that are cooperating with CYF. If successful, your request implies the cancellation of your initial booking.
  • View the status of your request.
  • Cancel your request in accordance with your airline conditions.
  • Receive and enjoy the Voucher under your airline's conditions.
  • Obtain a copy of these terms and conditions.

b. You are responsible for:

  • Providing correct information. You're responsible for any mistake in the information provided.
  • In the event of requesting cancellations for Bookings including third parties (for example a request for multiple passengers), you are solely liable for the consequences of the request before said third parties. In other words, if you cancel somebody else's booking, you're responsible.
  • If the refund request i.e. booking cancellation is carried out in compliance with these terms and conditions, you're not entitled to claim, under any circumstance, the right to the Booking or any right attached to it. Your initial booking is canceled once your request is approved.
  • If you cancel your booking or get reimbursed by another means while also making a request on ChangeYourFlight, you have to compensate CYF for any damages caused by said cancellation.
  • You're responsible for the legal implications outside of the services scope and ChangeYourFlight's control. For example: Entering a country with a cancelled returned might in some cases be an issue.

7. Airline's Rights and Responsibilities

The Airline is entitled to dispose of the cancelled Booking once the Booking cancellation request has been confirmed. The User may not oppose, under any circumstance, this disposition once the Agreement has been reached, on its behalf, between CYF and the Airline.

The Airline is responsible for the compliance of the conditions presented in each Voucher. CYF is held harmless for any breach of these conditions by the Airline.

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